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Steiff is a German-based plush toy company. It was founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, a seamstress. The toys began as elephants, and were originally a design Steiff found in a magazine and sold as pincushions to her customers. However, children began playing with them, and in the years following she went on to design many other animal-themed toys for children, such as dogs, cats and pigs.

A disappointed customer shares her experience on Amazon, "This Steiff Teddy Bear is made in Tunisia, NOT Germany, just like the cream one you will also see on Amazon. Did some research and Tunisia is in fact one of their plants, but the once high quality company's shift toward cheap labor is sited as a "disaster" for the brand and "outsourcing gone wrong" in articles on production outside of Germany. So if you don't mind that your "authentic" German teddy bear actually comes off an assembly line in North Africa, well, there's one more thing. The photo shows this bear sitting. Know right now that is not going to happen. The arms and legs don't have movable joints, so there's NO way to get the bear to sit up on its own, only lay flat. That was the real deal-breaker for me. In fact, if you go to the Steiff website you will not even find this bear. I loved this brand as a kid, but for its sake, I really wish this was a fake, and not just another example of the high price brands ultimately pay for cheap labor."


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Manager, Administrative Services (Former Employee) says

"German-owned, U.S. distribution house; currently no longer operational. Germany owners decided to restructure and subsequently close the U.S. operation.No longer operating"

Mr Sam says

"Ordered on an English language well organised website, entered payment details and bear arrived. Then recieved a number of emails and then post in broken English or German which didn't make sense followed by demands for payment again in German, without providing relevant details on how to pay. Contacted customer services who said I'd paid but the emails persisted, despite me explaining I didn't speak German. Tried phoning the solicitor, no one could speak English. I've finally been told the payment failed, was given conflicting instructions on how to pay and have paid, but am still getting emails in German from their solicitor. No apology from customer services - a simple explanation that the payment had failed in English would have avoided the situation."

Jake says

I bought a teddy in August for a friend's new born baby. The payment went through on my end no problem at all (I know this because I use Monzo so it's very easy to check).
I have since received email after email demanding payment, stating that the payment hasn't come through at the companies end. I spoke to someone at Steiff over the phone who said that they have recently been having technical problems in their payments department and that I shouldn't worry because my account said the balance was £0.00.
Sure enough, two days later I received another email demanding payment to which I replied stating that I will not be paying twice for a single teddy bear. The company continue to demand funds which have been paid. They are a company that are either incompetent of keeping track of payments or a completely fraudulent company which try to scaremonger customers into paying twice.
As stated in the title, avoid at all costs!"

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